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Unlocking Life's Energy
Naturally Building Mitochondria
For an Energetic Life

Do you struggle with: Would you like to:
- Adrenal Fatigue - Conquer Fatigue
- Chronic Fatigue - Have better overall health
- Mental Fatigue - Live a longer, active life
- Physical Fatigue - Have clearer mental function?


You can! You can be part of helping improve these abilities in your life. You can have a part in choosing what to enjoy in your life. Many say it is just aging when your endurance isn’t lasting as long as you would like in activities that used to be easy.

Don’t accept this as a fact of life!
You can do something about it!

Now you have the ability to obtain all of these positive experiences, plus more. These experiences are based on little “energy factories” in our body that convert the food we eat into a form of energy our cells can use. They are called Mitochondria.

Boosting Mitochondria is the Natural Answer to More Energy

Mitochondria provide the youthful energy we all desire. They are supposed to provide all the energy you need for health and endurance. Most 5-year old children are full of this mitochondria energy. However, as with many things, age or illness can deplete your mitochondria energy production. As a result, all adults experience less energy, to one extent or another, as they become older.

Two Problems…

Mitochondria suffer from two aging problems:

  • Mitochondria become less effective with age,
  • Mitochondria become less numerous, dying and not being replaced.

Nutritionists and supplement companies have become a little more aware of this lately. However, they all try to address only one of the problems. No one has designed an effective plan for both – until now!

… and the Natural Solution

4 Essential Nutrients – are needed to effectively address both efficiency and quantity. Most mitochondria supplements only have one or two.

  1. CoQ10
  2. NAD precursors
  3. D-Ribose
  4. PQQ

7 Support Nutrients – necessary to complete the package:

  1. Acetyl L-Carnitine
  2. L-Tryptophan
  3. Magnesium
  4. N-Acetyl L-Cysteine
  5. Niacin
  6. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
  7. Resveratrol

And if your life is dragging, you want the full package!

Putting these nutrients together makes a formula so advanced and successful it is patent-pending (very hard to obtain in the natural supplements realm).

Free E-book

This Free E-Book will show you how to regain much of the energy you used to have. It will explain how mitochondria work and duplicate themselves. Now, you can experience much more from life – a life with the energy needed to live it to its fullest!

Inspired Nutrition has helped over 60,000 people in the last decade to live a better life. Now, we are providing the most complete mitochondria ATP energy book of its kind free for you. The information is at cutting edge of fatigue restoring mitochondria production. The solution is easy. Download the Free E-Book!

The E-Book Chapters

Unlocking Life’s Energy is the best and most current information available. And to make your life easier, we have divided the E-book into two major sections:

Section I – is easy to read chapters on the basics of mitochondria, what it can do and how we get the best results available. It includes ingredients, directions and time estimates.

Section II – is more technical information on how mitochondria work and how the nutrients we use work together to increase mitochondria efficiency and numbers. This section is for those interested in knowing more details. It is not necessary for those who are happy with the basics of Section I.

Join the quickly growing community of people enjoying this new revolution of longer, healthier, energetic life! Attack fatigue, fight tiredness, battle aging better, improve and increase your mitochondria, and boost your “ATP” energy. Find out how with your Free E-Book!

We wish you the best of health and life,
The Inspired Nutrition Staff