Two Pillars of Physical Health 

In real life, a healthy "balanced" diet is pretty hard to come by in our modern world and to still live a reasonable lifestyle!

  • We need to put into our body what it needs to do its job.

  • We need to remove the toxins in our body that shouldn’t be there.  

In real life, a healthy "balanced" diet is pretty hard to come by in our modern world and to still live a reasonable lifestyle . The soil in which the food is grown isn't what it used to be. In addition, we are exposed to several hundred times the heavy metals and pesticides than people were centuries ago. This requires some attention if we want to live a healthy life. We have been amazed at how many “old wives’ tales” and marketing deceptions exist in the realm of supplements. Finding accurate sources of information is very important before making decisions about nutrients.

Ultimate" Nutritional Products

  • Ingredients

    Meaningful amounts of each ingredient!   Many formulas have ridiculously low amounts of some ingredients just so they can have a long ingredient list. 

  • Nutrients

    Nutrients that interact with each other in a complex.   For example, it is important to take the whole vitamin E complex to receive the full benefits it offers. 

More About Nutrients

  • What nutrients can be taken safely in higher amounts (than traditional allocations)?  If so, is there value in doing so?  There have been many scientific studies in recent years supporting the value of much higher amounts of some supplements.  In some cases, the body will simply eliminate any surplus.  If so, we still prefer to supply the body with extra and let it decide how much it wants to use. 

  • How common is the nutrient found in a normal diet?   Some nutrients need more supplementation than others.  The absorption and use of different forms of a supplement by the body varies.  If so, we prefer to use the forms the body can better absorb and use. We also recommend and use the best laboratories who have NSF, cGMP, ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certifications.  This ensures a high-quality product! 

Have Nutrients Been Provided on Earth to Help Healing?

This is the fun part where we get to give you a glimpse into our hearts and intents.  I love science, but I also happen to believe in God.  Can they go together?  On the rest of this website, we don't dwell on spiritual issues. However, this is “About Us” so I can tell you how Inspired Nutrition came about. 

Take Immune Support Further Take Immune Support Further Take Immune Support Further Take Immune Support Further Take Immune Support Further Take Immune Support Further Take Immune Support Further

In college, I had the opportunity of looking into many religions and decided to became a Christian in my early twenties. One day, I started to get a cold, which I usually did 3-4 times a year. I asked another Christian to pray for me – and he refused! I couldn't believe it. When I asked him why not, he asked me if I thought God would heal someone of a hangover. I said, "well, probably not because they shouldn’t have gotten drunk in the first place". He then went on to explain that he had seen how I abused my body with the food I ate. I didn't think the junk food I ate was that bad. He asked me if I don't give my body what it needs to be healthy when I had the ability to do so, why should I expect God to heal me of my sickness? I was pretty surprised but then he took the time to start me down the path of learning about nutrition. After a few years, it occurred to me that I had the beginnings of a flu only once during that time. Some people prayed for me and I ended up well the next morning. Was it chance, prayer, better nutrition or all three? I do know I have more confidence and faith in prayer now that I am doing everything possible in giving my body what it needs. Now, it is 35 years later and I still love science and still believe in God. My wife and I know much more about nutritional healing and have taught classes about it. Common illnesses can still happen but they are few and far between and they don’t last long! For 35 years I have been enjoying separating out truth from fiction in nutrition and healing. This is usually the hardest part - especially with biased clinical studies. Our bodies have been designed to perform wonderfully for us if we recognize two fundamental pillars of physical health.

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