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Silver Skin
Suggested Usage

Silver Skin

A Perfect Match!

Silver Skin is an external silver spray and perfectly compliments our internal Monolaurin products.

The ancient Greeks put silver in water to keep it fresh. American settlers put silver coins in water barrels on their covered wagons to keep it from going bad. Even modern science has backed up silver!

In the past, colloidal silver has been used internally but it can be misused as an internal option. Fortunately, monolaurin came along and is a much better, safer and less expensive alternative internally.

We have worked for an extended time to develop an external colloidal silver spray to compliment our Monolaurin internal products and our Skin Defense. As great as the Skin Defense is, it is also bitter and has oil based nutrients to help with skin problems.

To fill in this gap, we have developed the Silver Skin. It is very effective for especially sensitive areas, sinuses, mouth and throat - without the bitter taste problems! In these sensitive areas, the Monolaurin pellets can work internally, the Silver Skin, externally.

Particle Surface Area

Finding the perfect match of silver nano-particles (the powerful aspect of colloidal silver) with a little ionic silver (helpful for skin cell therapy) was difficult.

The importance of silver particle surface area cannot be over emphasized. The amount of silver surface area that comes into contact with bacteria controls the effectiveness of the colloidal silver. This means that the smaller the particles of silver are, the more silver surface comes in contact.

Our nano-particles, with a mean diameter of less than 0.75 nm (nanometers), have 5-20 times the surface area of many competitors!

Ionic or Particle

Particle silver in less than a nanometer range has far more reactive value. This means that it is much more effective! At 44.8 ppm (parts per million) it delivers a tremendous amount of silver surface area. Is is also valuable externally in that, as it evaporates, it forms a protective coating of silver oxide a few nanometers thick. This offers ongoing protection as well as reactivation abilities when re-hydrated.

Ionic silver does deliver silver to the body when taken internally. Unfortunately, it comes into contact with acids that quickly converts it to silver chloride. It is then eliminated from the body so much of its value is lost. However, as a topical skin application, it still has value in promoting skin health.

We have found that the best combination of these two qualities for throat and sinus skin application is an approximate 90% nanoparticle with a 10% ionic silver blend. Our colloids start out as high purity metal having a purity of 0.9999. In addition, there are no chemicals, protein binders or other additives used in the colloids, only pure metal and pure de-ionized water.

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Active Ingredients

Silver 99.99% Pure:
Estimated concentration 44.8 ppm
Particle Silver 80%
Average diameter <1 nano-meter
Ionic Silver 20%

Inactive Ingredients

De-ionized, distilled water.

Suggested Usage

Spray the Silver Skin to the areas desired 3-4 times daily. If possible, spray every 10 minutes in the morning for 2-3 times. The silver gets used up as it works and the re-application continues the action.

In sinuses, it can be sprayed close to the nose and sniffed in - or an empty sinus spray bottle can be filled with the Silver Skin and sprayed into the sinuses.

If sprayed in the throat, the amount swallowed is not very much.

As a mouthwash, a little can be poured in a container and mixed 50% with water. After rinsing, spit out what is left.

Continue this daily until you get the results desired. (Often, this in in combination with the internal use of our Monolaurin.)

Silver Skin will stay effective indefinitely if not frozen or contaminated. Do not freeze, dab cloth or cotton onto the bottle opening, or pour any amounts back into the bottle. If the lotion becomes clear after freezing, it means the colloidal silver has settled on the bottom. You will need to shake it before using it.

Caution: Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children!